Custom Gift Design

  • Special Event Hosts: Tinsel & Bow helps your guests feel loved and appreciated. Whether it’s a guest or a member of a wedding party that spent considerable resources to celebrate your special day its important to recognize the time and effort they spent to be there for you. A well thought out gift is a simple and elegant way to communicate how much you value their role in your life. Contact us now and we can create a custom welcome or thank you gift based on your events style and gift budget.
  • Event Planners: Tinsel & Bow helps make your demanding job more manageable. As former event planners we know firsthand the inordinate amount of time and energy that goes into making sure your client’s event goes off smoothly. There isn’t a detail insignificant enough to overlook. Whether it’s welcome gifts, favors, amenity baskets or room drops we can help take some of the items off your ever-growing to-do list. Let us know how we can serve you so you can serve them.
  • Entrepreneurs: Tinsel & Bow helps you build stronger relationships with your clients. Despite all the pretty ribbons and bows, underneath it all we too run a demanding business. We know what its like to wear too many hats and not have enough time to do it all – or do it all as well as we would like. However, we wouldn’t have it any other way (most days anyway). Clients that trust us to help them in their time of need or business associates that refer business are the reason we are able to enjoy the upsides of being entrepreneurs. Let us do what we do best and show them your appreciation in a way that strengthens your professional ties so that you can focus on what you do best.