Let us take the guess work and hassle out of gifting, it’s what we do best, so that you can focus on what you do best.


Finding the right gift for someone shouldn’t be a stressful process if you know what you are doing. Your standard run of the mill gift baskets and boxes of chocolates aren’t special enough to make it beyond the break room, this kind of gifting is anything but memorable and not the best use of your resources. If you are looking for gifts that truly make your recipient feel appreciated then you have come to the right place. Gifting is what we do best and we know firsthand that when done well, gifting leads to stronger relationships and increased customer loyalty.

Tinsel & Bow was founded in 2015 by Kathryn Couch combining her non-profit administration experience with her passion for elevated hospitality. What initially began as a luxury gift wrapping service quickly evolved into gift consulting and curation for business owners who were gifting branded tchotchkes from a catalog, which most likely ended up being thrown in a drawer or the trash. Seeing the stress and hassle it caused for a business to try and manage their gift giving practices on their own she started offering specialized gifting services for businesses and individuals.


Corporate Gifting

For the business that values its time and wants to outsource their large gifting needs. We can do the sourcing, ordering, receiving, wrapping and delivering on your behalf. We do all the work, you get all the praise. Advance notice of at least two weeks required. Gifts begin at $35 with a $2000 minimum.

Curated Gift Sets

When time isn’t on your side and you need to show your appreciation a lot sooner than later. We have a selection of pre-designed decorous gifts that will communicate to your recipient just how much you care about them. These gift sets will be ready for purchase in our online store soon.

Strategic Gifting

For the business that is ready to invest in client relationship building. After helping identify which relationships are ready to take to the next level we develop and execute a plan of four to six personal touch points throughout the year.



Tinsel & Bow will be my go-to when an occasion arises that needs that extra wow factor. 

How do I make my gifts extra special? I call Tinsel and Bow, and they take care of everything! It gave my gifts an extra special touch that I just couldn’t put my finger on. Kathryn has a vision and runs with it! When the gifts arrive the recipients hardly want to open or utilize their gifts, they are so beautiful! Tinsel and Bow will be my go-to when an occasion arises that needs that extra wow factor.

Tinsel & Bow met all of my expectations.

I have used Tinsel & Bow and was more than happy with the quality and uniqueness of the gifts. Being a Certified Interior Designer I am very particular about style and neatness. Tinsel & Bow met all of my expectations. Sometimes you just don’t have time for the details that set your company apart.

Nicki Jackson

Every time I use Tinsel & Bow the recipient of my gift is thrilled

Tinsel & Bow has amazing talent when it comes to gift giving!! They ask all the right questions to understand the preferences and tastes of the person or people you are gifting. Then they curate a completely custom gift and wrap it in gorgeous boxes / baskets with ribbon. They can even ship or deliver it! Every time I use Tinsel & Bow the recipient of my gift is thrilled and so surprised how amazing the gift is. If you have any trouble thinking of the perfect gift or just don’t have time – hire Kathryn!!

Bride Testimonial
Erin Mays